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Fitness Classes

Our diverse range of fitness classes at Perry Strength and Fitness Center caters to all age groups, from energetic youth to seasoned seniors, ensuring that everyone feels valued and comfortable. These classes span a spectrum of intensities, guaranteeing all fitness levels can progress together.

Members of Perry Strength & Fitness Center Smiling and giving a "thumbs up"

Health for Every Age and Level

Committed to Empowering Every Body

We are dedicated to creating an environment where individuals of all ages, health conditions, and fitness backgrounds can all actively engage in our group fitness classes. We offer several different options that very in length, intensity, and skill.


Our dynamic class schedule ensures freshness and excitement for every participant. Regularly introducing new classes, we keep the experience engaging and enticing, catering to a diverse range of preferences and abilities. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their starting point, should have the opportunity to embark on a fitness journey that is not only effective, but also enjoyable,  sustainable, and fun.

Group of Seniors following a fitness class at Perry Strength

The classes that are offered are very customized and not your average class in any other chain gym. The whole staff is so knowledgeable.

Bradley, Perry Strength Client

Tailored Fitness for All

With Experienced Trainers and Knowledgeable Staff.

Inside the gym at Perry Strength and Fitness in Shermans Dale PA

See Our Facility

Look through our online gallery to see what our fitness center looks like and what equipment we have.

Patty and Bryan Sibbach, owners of Perry Strength and Fitness Center

Meet Our Owners

We would love for you to stop by, take a tour, and hear our story, but until then, read about us on our website.

Perry Strength and Fitness Center Team Photo 2021

All Are Welcome!

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, we would be honored to help guide you toward health.

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